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Meta.Numerics.Statistics.Distributions Namespace

Contains types that represent probability distributions.
Public classBernoulliDistribution
Represents a Bernoulli distribution.
Public classBernoulliFitResult
Represents the result of a fit to a Bernoulli distribution.
Public classBetaDistribution
Represents a beta distribution.
Public classBetaFitResult
Contains the result of a fit of a sample to a Beta distribution.
Public classBinomialDistribution
Represents a discrete binomial distribution.
Public classCauchyDistribution
Represents a Cauchy distribution.
Public classChiDistribution
Represents a χ distribution.
Public classChiSquaredDistribution
Represents a χ2 distribution.
Public classContinuousDistribution
Represents all continuous, univariate probability distribution.
Public classDiscreteDistribution
Represents all discrete, univariate probability distributions.
Public classDiscreteUniformDistribution
Describes a discrete uniform distribution.
Public classDistributionFitResultT
Represents the result of a fit to a distribution.
Public classExponentialDistribution
Represents an exponential distribution.
Public classExponentialFitResult
Represents the result of a fit to the exponential distribution.
Public classFisherDistribution
Represents the distribution of Fisher's F-statistic.
Public classFrechetDistribution
Represents a Fréchet distribution.
Public classGammaDistribution
Represents a Gamma distribution.
Public classGammaFitResult
Contains the result of a fit of a sample to a gamma distribution.
Public classGeometricDistribution
Represents a geometric distribution.
Public classGumbelDistribution
Represents a Gumbel distribution.
Public classGumbelFitResult
Represents the result of fitting sample data to a Gumbel distribution.
Public classHypergeometricDistribution
Represents a hypergeometric distribution.
Public classKolmogorovDistribution
Represents the distribution of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov D statistic.
Public classKuiperDistribution
Represents the asymptotic distribution of Kuiper's V statistic.
Public classLaplaceDistribution
Represents a Laplace distribution.
Public classLogisticDistribution
Represents a logistic distribution.
Public classLognormalDistribution
Represents a log-normal distribution.
Public classLognormalFitResult
Contains the result of a fit to a log-normal distribution.
Public classMomentMath
Contains methods for converting between different kinds of moments.
Public classNegativeBinomialDistribution
Represents a negative binomial distribution.
Public classNoncentralChiSquaredDistribution
Represents a non-central chi squared distribution.
Public classNormalDistribution
Represents a normal (Gaussian) distribution.
Public classNormalFitResult
Represents the result of a sample to a normal distribution.
Public classParetoDistribution
Represents a Pareto or power law distribution.
Public classPearsonRDistribution
Represents the distribution of Pearsons's r statistic.
Public classPoissonDistribution
Represented a Poisson distribution.
Public classRayleighDistribution
Represents a Rayleigh distribution.
Public classRayleighFitResult
Contains the result of a fit to a Rayleigh distribution.
Public classStudentDistribution
Represents the distribution of Student't t statistic.
Public classTriangularDistribution
Represents a triangular distribution.
Public classUniformDistribution
Represents a uniform distribution over an interval.
Public classUnivariateDistribution
Represents a probability distribution over a single variable.
Public classWaldDistribution
Represents a Wald (Inverse Gaussian) distribution.
Public classWaldFitResult
Contains the result of the fit of a sample to a Wald (Inverse Gaussian) distribution.
Public classWeibullDistribution
Represents a Weibull distribution.
Public classWeibullFitResult
Represents the result of a sample to a normal distribution.