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PoissonDistribution Class

Represented a Poisson distribution.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Meta.Numerics.Statistics.Distributions
Assembly:  Meta.Numerics (in Meta.Numerics.dll) Version: 4.1.4
public sealed class PoissonDistribution : DiscreteDistribution

The PoissonDistribution type exposes the following members.

Public methodPoissonDistribution
Creates a new instance of a Poisson distribution.
Public methodCentralMoment
Gets a central moment of the distribution.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionCentralMoment(Int32).)
Public methodCumulant
Computes a cumulant of the distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateDistributionCumulant(Int32).)
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodExpectationValue
Computes the expectation value of an artibrary function.
(Inherited from DiscreteDistribution.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as the default hash function.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetRandomValue
Produces a random integer drawn from the distribution.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionGetRandomValue(Random).)
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodInverseLeftProbability
Computes the value corresponding to the given percentile.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionInverseLeftProbability(Double).)
Public methodLeftExclusiveProbability
Computes the probability of obtaining a value less than the given value.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionLeftExclusiveProbability(Int32).)
Public methodLeftInclusiveProbability
Computes the probability of obtaining a value less than or equal to the given value.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionLeftInclusiveProbability(Int32).)
Public methodProbabilityMass
Returns the probability of the obtaining the given value.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionProbabilityMass(Int32).)
Public methodRawMoment
Gets a raw moment of the distribution.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionRawMoment(Int32).)
Public methodRightExclusiveProbability
Computes the probability of obtaining a value greater than the given value.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionRightExclusiveProbability(Int32).)
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)

If events occur independely at uniformly distributed random times, the Poisson distribution gives the probabability distribution of the number of events than occur in a given time interval. If on average μ events occur in the time interval the number of actual events that occur is Poisson distributed with parameter μ.

The Poisson distribution has the unusual property that the distribution of a sum of Poisson distributed values itself has a poisson distribution, with a mean equal to the sum of the means of the contributing addends.

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