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AdvancedMathEllipticF Method

Computes the incomplete elliptic integral of the first kind.

Namespace:  Meta.Numerics.Functions
Assembly:  Meta.Numerics (in Meta.Numerics.dll) Version: 4.1.4
public static double EllipticF(
	double phi,
	double k


Type: SystemDouble
The amplitude (in radians).
Type: SystemDouble
The elliptic modulus, which must lie between zero and one.

Return Value

Type: Double
The value of the Legendre integral F(k).

Legendre's first incomplete elliptic integral is:

When the integral angle is π, this function reduces to the complete elliptic integral of the first kind (EllipticK(Double).

Be aware that some authors use the the parameter m = k2 instead of the modulus k.

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