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Meta.Numerics.Functions Namespace

Contains types that compute advanced functions.
Public classAdvancedComplexMath
Contains methods that compute advanced functions of complex arguments.
Public classAdvancedIntegerMath
Contains methods that compute advanced functions of integer arguments.
Public classAdvancedMath
Contains methods that compute advanced functions with real arguments.
Public classIntegerPartition
Represents an integer partition.
Public classOrthogonalPolynomials
Contains methods that compute the values of orthogonal polynomials.
Public classPermutation
Represents a permutation.
Public classSpinMath
Contains methods for computing functions of spin and spin states.
Public structureElement
Describes the multiplicity of an integer in a set.
Public structureSolutionPair
Contains a pair of solutions to a differential equation.
Public structureSpin
Represents a spinor.
Public structureSpinState
Represents the state of a spinor.

This namespace contains types for computing more than 100 advanced functions.

Most of the functions are organized into several static classes. AdvancedIntegerMath contains functions of integers such as BinomialCoefficient(Int32, Int32). AdvancedMath contains functions of real numbers, from relatively well-known functions like Erf(Double) and Gamma(Double), to relatively obscure functions like PolyLog(Int32, Double). Complex variants of some these functions are provided by AdvancedComplexMath.

The namesace also contains a handfull of types representing specialized mathematical objects such as Permutations and SpinStates. Functions on these objects are defined on the types themselves or on additional static class collections such as SpinMath.