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BivariateSampleY Property

Gets a read-only univariate sample consisting of the y-values of the data points.

Namespace:  Meta.Numerics.Statistics
Assembly:  Meta.Numerics (in Meta.Numerics.dll) Version: 4.1.4
public Sample Y { get; }

Property Value

Type: Sample

Use this method to obtain information specific to the y-vales, such as their Median or Variance.

Note that this is a fast, O(1) operation, which does not create an independent copy of the data. The advantage of this is that you can access y-data as a Sample as often as you like without worrying about performance. The disadvantage of this is that the returned sample cannot be altered. If you need to alter y-data independent of the bivariate sample, use the Copy method to obtain an independent copy.

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