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Meta.Numerics.Statistics Namespace
Contains types that store and analyze statistical data.
Public classAnovaRow
A row in an analysis of variance (ANOVA) table.
Public classAnovaTestRow
A row in an ANOVA table for which an F-test is available.
Public classBinaryContingencyTable
Represents a 2 X 2 contingency table.
Public classBivariateSample
Represents a set of data points, where each data point is described by a pair of real numbers.
Public classContingencyTable
Represents a contingency table.
Public classFitResult
Represents the result of a fit procedure.
Public classHistogram
Represents a histogram.
Public classHistogramBinsCollection
Represents a collection of histogram bins.
Public classInsufficientDataException
The exception that is thrown when an operation is attempted with less than the minimum required data.
Public classLinearRegressionFitResult
Describes the result of a linear regression.
Public classMultivariateSample
Represents a multivariate sample.
Public classCode exampleOneWayAnovaResult
The result of a one-way ANOVA test.
Public classPrincipalComponent
Represents a component of a principal component analysis.
Public classPrincipalComponentAnalysis
Represents a principal component analysis.
Public classSample
Represents a set of data points, where each data point consists of a single real number.
Public classTestResult
Represents the result of a statistical test.
Public classTimeSeries
Represents an ordered series of data points.
Public classTimeSeriesPopulationStatistics
Contains estimates of the moments of the population from which a time series is drawn.
Public classTwoWayAnovaResult
Represents the result of a two-factor analysis of variance.
Public classUncertainMeasurementT
Represents an experimental data point that is a function of an arbitrary variable.
Public classUncertainMeasurementSample
Public classUncertainMeasurementSampleT
Represents a set of measurements.
Public structureHistogramBin
Represents one bin in a histogram.
Public enumerationTestType
Describes the sidedness of a statistical test.