meta numerics

Math Reference Sites

  • Digital Library of Mathematical Functions. A special function reference site that aims to be the next-generation Abromiwitz & Stegun.
  • Mathworld. Eric Weisstein's encylopedia of math topics. Not as well-maintained as it once was, but still a useful compliment to Wikipedia.
  • Wolfram Functions. A compendium of properties of special functions.

Other .NET Numerical Libraries

  • Math.NET. Another free .NET library, probably our closest competitor. Offers some interpolation and matrix functionality that we lack, lacks some statistics, fitting, special function, and analysis functionality that we offer.
  • Extreme Optimization. A commercial library with a well-organized API and a lot of functionality. Retails for about $1000/developer.
  • NMath. A commercial library with a lot of functionality and a not-so-organized API structure. Retails for about $1300/developer.
  • IMSL C#. A commercial library with a pedigree stretching back to the 1970s which has now been ported to .NET.

Notable Numerical Libraries On Other Platforms

  • GNU Scientific Library. A C library maintained since the 1990s.
  • MPMath. A python library for computing special functions to arbitrary precision.
  • LAPACK. The standard linear algebra library, in FORTRAN.