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AnyMatrixTGetHashCode Method

Not a valid operation.

Namespace:  Meta.Numerics.Matrices
Assembly:  Meta.Numerics (in Meta.Numerics.dll) Version: 4.1.4
public override int GetHashCode()

Return Value

Type: Int32
Throws an NotSupportedException.
NotSupportedExceptionThis method always throws this exception.

The GetHashCode method is used to provide a quick equality test when an object is used as a key in a IDictionaryTKey, TValue or IDictionary. Since a useful hash code of a matrix would need to involve all its elements, it is not possible to make this a fast operation. Also, since matrices are not immutable, they should not be used as hash keys. (A matrix might be changed after it had already been used as a key.) For these reasons, requesting a hash code for a matrix is not supported.

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