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Meta.Numerics Namespace
Contains types used throughout the Meta.Numerics library.
Public classComplexMath
Provides simple functions of complex arguments.
Public classDimensionMismatchException
The exception that is thrown when attempting an operation on objects with incompatible dimensions.
Public classMoreMath
Contains additional basic math operations.
Public classNonconvergenceException
The exception that is thrown when an algorithm fails to converge.
Public classPolynomial
Represents a polynomial with real coefficients.
Public classUncertainMath
Contains methods for computing basic mathematical functions of uncertain values.
Public structureComplex
Represents a complex number.
Public structureInterval
Represents an interval on the real number line.
Public structureUncertainValue
Represents a value with an associated uncertainty.
Public structureXY
Represents a two-dimensional point.